Fuel Dispenser is a self contained Biodiesel Oil/Fuel Dispensing Machine which has been designed to meet the needs of fuel distributors who’s customers require High Volume Metered Deliveries of Fuel 

The machine comprises of a 2HP Flame Proof Electric Motor (3-Phase), Internal Rotary Gear Pump, Flow Meter and Hose Pipe. Product quantity is accurately measured by a Legal Metrology India approved  flow meter (IND/09/2004/01) which is fitted with an inlet strainer, air eliminator and NRV .

Product is dispensed through a 4m x 25mm delivery hose which terminates with a 1” dispensing nozzle. Biodiesel Dispensing Machine can be engineered to meet with customer’s specific requirements and can be configured for dispensing a range of liquid fuels, chemicals and all other non-corrosive Biodiesel liquids.

Standard specification of Code to change unit price in dispenser manual:

1. Flow rate: 5~50 L/M
2. Precision: The max. volume inaccuracy no more than 0.3%,error repeated no more than 0.15%.  The max. inaccuracy for min. measuring is 0.5%,error repeated no more than 0.25%.
3. Noise: 80dB

4. The digits number displayed on display screen:
a) liter district: 6digits or 8 digits
b) amount district: 6digits or 8 digits
c) unit price district: 4digits or 6 digits
Counting range of shift totalize: Volume or amount: 8digits(including 2 decimal digits)
Counting range of liter general totalize: 9digits(including 2 decimal digits)
Counting range of amount general totalize: 11digits(including 2 decimal digits)
Unit price setting range: 099.99basic currency/liter

5. Solenoid valve turn off setting range: 00.99liter
6. Ambient condition: 
1) Temperature -45℃ ~ +55℃
2) Humidity 30%~ 90%
7. Suction type inlet pressure and outlet pressure:
1) Inlet pressure no more than 54kpa
2) Outlet pressure no more than 0.3Mpa
9. Power:
1)Voltage: AC220V±20%     AC380V±20%     AC110V±20%
2)Frequency: (50±1)Hz (60±1)Hz