NX100 Pacific Biofuel is always making sustainable fuel arrangements and environmentally friendly power vitality advancements to make a more joyful, clearer, more brilliant India. The organization is devoted to the mission of practical advancement to convey an incredible green fuel involvement the nation over

Due to its clean emissions profile, ease of use, and many other benefits, biodiesel is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the world. With minimal subsidy biodiesel is cost competitive with petroleum diesel, and millions of users have found and enjoyed the benefits of the fuel. The future of biodiesel lies in the world’s ability to produce renewable feed stocks such as vegetable oils and fats to keep the cost of biodiesel competitive with petroleum, without supplanting land necessary for food production, or destroying natural ecosystems in the process. Creating biodiesel in a sustainable manner, will allow this clean, renewable, and cost effective fuel to help ease the world through increasing shortages of petroleum, while providing economic and environmental benefits well into the 21st century. .

  • Biodiesel is a direct replacement for petroleum diesel and can be used in any diesel engine without modifications. Biodiesel blends are used in diesel cars, trucks, buses, off-road equipment, and oil furnaces across the country. The use of biodiesel can reduce a diesel engine's overall emissions up to 80 percent.
  • Biodiesel for Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Biodiesel is a clean-burning liquid fuel developed from renewable energy sources like vegetable oils and animal fats, which can be used to power vehicles in place diesel. Pure biodiesel, referred to as B100,.

Our Mision

To establish manufacturing & distribution network of “NX100 GREEN DIESEL” PAN India.

To add value to stakeholders, Partners & Society.

To take forward Government initiative of "Make in India" & "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan".

Our Vision

To be most trusted Global leader in alternate clean fuel energy industry for a clean & green environment based on technology innovations Initiating Skills Development ..

Soon his thought were materialised into action when the idea/concept of manufacturing Biodiesel Processing Plants crystallized.